Monday, February 05, 2007


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Daddy and Tallon spent some time playing on Saturday so Mommy could work on her smocking and get a few other things done. Yes, My mom is teaching me how to smock and I am smocking the most precious little pink dress- I will have to post pics when i am finished! I am soo proud of it! I had originally planned on giving it as a gift, but with all the time and effort I have put into this dress, I am not sure I can let it go. Don't worry- there are no little girls (or for that matter little boys) on the way here. We are still enjoying it being just the 3 of us and are loving being able to spend time interacting with Tallon at this age!!
Anyways, a friend of ours who has a 5 yr old son- brought by TONS of toys that her son had outgrown and gave them to us. One of the toys was a basketball goal- how cool is that. We have had it for a few months, but Reeves pulled it out Saturday and set it up and he and Tallon had the BEST time out there- Tallon loved watching his daddy dunk the ball and he enjoyed it when Reeves pulled a chair up and let Tallon dunk the ball by himself. The pictures are a little dark =( but Tallon had a WONDERFUL day with his daddy playing like only boys can=)

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