Thursday, February 22, 2007


Tallon has been fussy the past few days and we realized why last Saturday when I felt part of tooth coming up in the bottom right of his mouth- his first molar!! Woohoo- only 3 more to go right?! Than, today, we had another period of unending fussyness (which is very unlike my sonn) and sure enough- he is getting another molar on his bottom left of his mouth! Atleast he has not ran a fever with these teeth and he does seem to be sleeping fine at night!! A little bit of motrin seems to do the trick when he gets fussy and than once in his system, it is like he is back to his normal busy self! I am actually sort of hoping that we will just go ahead and get ALL of his molars in and than we would be ALMOST finished with teeth (except we are still waiting on his incisors to come in!)

Check out his cute outfit- My mom just finished smocking and putting this one together! I LOVE Tallon in Navy and i think the sailboats are adorable!!

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Michelle said...

Very cute outfit! Gosh, Tal looks so mature in that picture. He is really growing up quickly. I can't wait to see you all soon!