Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Our Little Fish

Tallon and I started WaterBaby Classes at the YMCA today. SOOO FUN!!! Tallon was not too happy when he had to "shower off" before he could get into the pool and he was a little bit apprehensive and clingy as we entered the pool but after a few minutes, he started to warm up. There was onle 3 babies in the class so it was alot of fun. One of our friends- Carlisle and her mom (Jennie) are also taking the class which made it all the more fun! This week, we sang, spashed, worked on kicking both legs in the water and laying on our backs floating. Tal did really well and especially enjoyed it when the teacher brought out balls for us to play with in the water! It made me look forward to this summer and playing in the pool and at the lake and beach!! We get to go again on Thursday morning and I think both Tal and I are going to enjoy our little pool times together!

This is Tal's friend Carlisle! She hardly wanted to pose for a picture- she was too busy wanting to play and jump in the water!

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