Thursday, February 22, 2007


HOW THANKFUL I AM FOR THIS SPRING-LIKE DAY!! The LORD was soo gracious to give us some warm weather today in the midst of quite a few cold, dreary days. Tallon and I enjoyed our waterbabies class this morning, I put Tal down for an early nap, just so we could have the majority of the afternoon for some outside time and it was.... WONDERFUL!!! We went and saw my Nana and Papa and their dog Bama (who Tallon absolutely ADORES!!) and Poppa came over to play also=) =) Tallon enjoyed throwing the ball and watching Bama catch it and enjoyed running around the yard. We then went to the park (which was quite crowded- evidently EVERYONE with young kids in Florence had the same idea- GET OUT OF THE HOUSE!!) Mimi and Poppa came and watched Tallon swing and go down the slide! THEN, Tal and I came home to start dinner and while we were waiting on Daddy to get home- we played outside for ANOTHER HOUR! Tal also enjoyed a ride in his wagon! It was a wonderful day and I can NOT wait for Spring to arrive!!

Throwing the Ball to Bama ( I usually count 1, 2, 3 before I throw the ball and Tallon has picked up on this- only he can't say 1, 2, 3 yet so he makes these cute noises - ugh, ugh, ugh and than throws the ball!!! SOOO CUTE!!

Tallon with his great- grandad- Papa

Tallon and Poppa waving at mommy!

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M/G said...

Send some of that warm weather up our way! :0) We've hit the 40s this week...YEA!!