Thursday, June 08, 2006


Yes, this is Tallon waving at mommy- this is his "new thing" and he LOVES to wave at you and grin!! It has been awhile since I have blogged and so I managed to find 10 minutes and a little bit of strength to tell ya'll about our past few days!! note: all the following bath pictures were taken Tues night before the virus hit. Neither Reeves nor I have even THOUGHT about pulling out the camera- we have just been trying to survive!! Hopefully this few minutes of blog will let our family and friends know that we are alive and although still a little bit weak, we hopefully will be back in full force sometime this weekend! After all, we have a big week coming up in 7 days- we get to see all of our family in SC, go to my sister's wedding- YEAH and meet our new little niece- Clara Beth sooo we have GOT TO GET RID OF ALL SIGNS OF ANY SICKNESS!!!!!!! Posted by Picasa


Chris & Emily said...

oh no- that sounds miserable!! I am glad you guys are feeling better. I am so not looking forward to our first stomach illness!!!!! Hope you guys have fun in SC.

Chrys and Mike said...

Bless your hearts! Feel better soon and get ready for your fun trip!


Josh and Natalie said...

I love Tallon's smile. It is so infectious. Hope you are all feeling better soon. I know you'll be busy when you're here, but if there's anyway we could see you, we'd love to!