Monday, June 12, 2006


Ok, so I am not sure who gave what to who last week. I had originally thought that Tallon had given us the GI virus, but Tallon came down with a 102.5 Fever ( rectal) on Friday morning at 4 AM. We spent most of the next 12 hrs trying to get his fever down and keep him hydrated. This was not as easy as you might think. By noon, Tallon would grab the syringe that I was using to try to get him to take just a small dropperfull of pedialyte and he would THROW IT on the ground- Yes, our little one is showing some signs of determination! So we spent most of Friday...
1) resting with Tallon asleep in our arms - he would wake up and starting crying as soon as you would lay him down
2) checking Rectal temps every 2 hrs
3)giving Tallon tylenol every 4 hrs
4) giving Tallon cool baths to try to help bring down his temp
5) desperately ( at times) trying to get Tallon to take just a small dropperful of pedialyte
6) calling the advice nurse at the Dr's office and our moms frequently for advice!!

As you can now tell, we survived and all is better! The temp came below 102 around noon and was 99.8 at 4 pm. For all those other young moms- I think it was when I finally starting giving Motrin plus Tylenol that he finally started to drop his fever. Just don't give them together ( 2 hrs apart).

Tallon sure was sweet, even though his cries and his little face were sooo pitiful! It is not easy to watch your child sick!!! I am soo thankful that this ordeal is over.

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Chrys and Mike said...

Scary! I'm so glad you guys are all better!