Tuesday, June 27, 2006


The past week and a half have been pretty exciting for our family. We traveled via airplane to SC to see our extended families.

Tallon was soo excited about getting to see all of his grandparents, aunts and uncles and his cousins!

We got to spend Father's Day with both of our dads and both of my grandads at the lake.We are so blessed to have such Godly earthly fathers Thank you for your example to us! We love you both greatly!!

Tallon and I made Reeves a Canvas with Tallon's footprints and a picture of Tallon and Reeves on it for Reeves desk! TALLON LOVES HIS DADDY!!!!!

Tallon loved the water and enjoyed playing with everyone- especially Makgill in the "small pool"! Reeves and I enjoyed lots of good food ( Thanks Nana and Mom!) and enjoyed spending some time on the water!

Uncle Collin on the innertube!! He won the award for the best style- 10/10!!

Everyone enjoyed relaxing on the screened in porch!

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