Thursday, June 15, 2006

9 month Dr Visit

This picture says it all.... You are our precious baby boy and a BUNDLE of energy, enthusiasm and love! You are starting to make more noises and we think you are saying "Hi" when you wave at us. You love to explore the world around you! You always make sure to look over your shoulder and see if you can see either mommy or daddy and than exploring you go!

You love to play at the Dr's office- you tear the paper to shreds and enjoy smiling and talking to yourself in the mirror!! We are going to start giving you just a little bit of formula along with breastmilk and hopefully that will help you gain a little bit more weight. You love to eat cheerios and veggie puffs but unfortunately, they don't have tons of nutrients!

We took you to see the Dr yesterday and you weighed 16 lbs 10 oz (4%) and are now 27 1/4 in (15%) tall! You have really started to slim down now that you are constantly on the move!! You are feeling much better now and the Dr gave you a clean bill of health- we are now ok to go meet your new cousin Clara Beth and play with Makgill. You are also going to get to meet LOTS of mommy's family at Aunt Liz's wedding - they all can not wait to see you!! What a fun trip this will be now that our household is feeling better=)

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Chrys and Mike said...

His hair looks so red in these pics! I love it!


P.S. I think we go to the same pedi!!