Tuesday, June 27, 2006


We spent several days with Reeves' family. Tallon enjoyed all of the attention from his aunts and uncles and he spent lots of quality time with Lili and Boom-Boom- especially at 6 AM ( thanks for letting us get some rest!) Tallon would go for a stroll with them everyday and he checked out all of their neighbors!

Tallon is one loved little boy. Makgill sure could make Tallon laugh and they enjoyed playing together. Towards the end of our time, Tallon finally acknowledged that there was a baby around. Little Clara Beth is soo beautiful and I enjoyed getting to hold a baby again! ( Tallon hardly sits still long enough for me to hold him anymore!) Uncle Collin took Tallon's 9 month portraits while we were home and they are BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! Thank you sooo much Collin!!

Tallon with Aunt Erin and Makgill!

Reeves had a great time playing with Makgill!

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