Thursday, December 11, 2008

We pretty much just left the picture taking up to Aron and Collin ( who both take WAY better pictures than us), but here are a few pictures from the hospital that we took on our camera- since our personal photographers had to take care of their family also and could not just live at the hospital with us=)!


Uncle Robert and Aunt Tiffany were able to drive up from Birmingham to meet Tess. The only immediate family that she still has to meet are Aunt Liz and Uncle Mike and they are coming soon!
Uncle Collin

Proud Aunt Aron
Mimi and Pop
I just love this picture of my dad with his granddaughter- sooo sweet!! There is something special watching your parents as grandparents!
LiLi holding Tess.
Dr. Ben ( our pediatrician and friend) came to see Tess!
Wendy and I with Tess
Uncle Andrew
Na-Na ( Reeves grandmother)

Papa ( my granddad)
Nana with Tess ( Tess is named after her)

Mrs Courtney and Olivia with Tess ( baby Jude is due in less than a month)
Uncle Robert and Aunt Tiffany
1 Proud Big brother!!!


Aron said...

I LOVED these! Especially the ones of her right after birth!

gillian said...

awe, such sweet pictures of your family loving this new baby girl! you have to tell me where you got that canvas (looks like canvas) with her name, birthdate, and verse...please don't tell me you made it!!!! little martha ;)

Todd, Jenn, Sam and Herculez said...

She is adorable!! Congratulations

rachel said...

Congratulations!! Tess is beautiful!
May she never know a day without experiencing the love of our loving Father.
Merry Christmas.
Thanks for inviting me to view the blog. Modern technology still amazes me!!
Rachel Caldwell