Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Uncle Collin captured some absolutely precious pics of Tess in her nursery this past Sunday afternoon! Check them out here. I keep looking at them and just can not get over how perfectly formed Tess is and that she is really ours! I am soo thankful to God for his Goodness to us in this Season of our lives!

In other news- Tess has majorly reversed her days and nights so it has been a rough few nights for me but thankfully- she slept last night- only waking to nurse and then going right back to sleep ( we will see how long this lasts!!) I am definitely a FAN of the NUK pacifiers as she LOVES to suck ( just like her big brother did at this age) . I am savoring the time with her and just wanting to treasure up the sweet newborn sounds and faces as I don't remember much of Tallon at this age.

I, am slowly recovering. I had forgotten alot of the pain and just overall exhaustion of trying to recup from a c-section. I seem to get tired really easily so please bear with me if you have called or emailed. We really want everyone to meet Tess and hold her, but I get worn down so we are trying to be careful and let me recuperate! My mom has been helping me this week and I think there is NO WAY I would have made it without her here to cook, clean, help with Tess, entertain Tallon, give me time to sleep- THANK YOU MOM!!!! It is soo nice to have family nearby and Tallon has enjoyed all the extra attention given to him from Reeves' parents, my dad and his aunts and uncles! Thank ya'll!!!!


DarleyFamily said...

LOVE the pictures! She is beautiful:) Take care of yourself and get ALL the rest you can. My recovery from the 2nd section was MUCH harder/longer this time around. Mostly an energy thing...it wiped me out. Praise the Lord for mothers of our own:) They are life savors. Mine was here for a month. There was no way I could have done it without her. Enjoy this time and savor every tiny sound! Congrats again. m

thetalbotts said...

How would we ever survive without our moms? Thank goodness you are around family this time! Your family is precious, and I could just eat up little Tallon loving on his baby sister! So sweet!

Crissy said...

Huge congrats to you all! She is beautiful and the pictures were breath taking! Thanks for sharing your new little one with us. Hope you start feeling better soon. Crissy