Saturday, December 06, 2008


We are home and adjusting. A Big thank you to Aron for posting pictures and updates while we were in the hospital- Thank You soo much!!! I have a gazillion pictures from the hospital and the many friends Tess has already gotten to meet but for now- I am going to go to bed while I can and rest while I have help during the daytime!
Tess wore the same dress that I wore home from the hospital. Unfortunately, I was NOT feeling well yesterday morning and Tess was extremely fussy so we really don't have too many pictures of her in it!
Check out the hairbow!!! ahhh- I am already LOVING having a girl!
Daddy with Tal and Tess while watching football earlier today!


gillian said...

Rebecca, she is so beautiful! Hope you're feeling better, I'm sure you're TIRED!!! LOVE THE HAIRBOW!!! :) I can tell we're going to have lots of fun with these girls!

Laura said...

Enjoy your babymoon! Sleep as much as you can!! She is beautiful...what a beautiful family! : )

Michelle said...

Such a beautiful girl! I love all of her dark hair - great for bows! Have fun with your sweet new addition. I am glad that Tal seems to be adjusting well and loves her lots!

Hope said...

Glad you all are home safe and sound! She is beautiful!

LeNeveu Family said...

She definately is beautiful ! Congrats. Enjoy (as I know you will :-)