Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Christmas (part 3)

I have 3 cousins that live in TN so we are not able to see them very often. We missed Jenny, Bill and Kathryn but were thrilled that Tom and Lauren were able to come down for the weekend!!

I sure do wish you would move closer Lauren- you would be a fantastic babysitter!!
It is crazy to see you hold my daughter because I remember going to the
hospital when you were born!!! I think I am getting old!

Tallon loved holding Robert's guitar
Papa with Lauren and Tess

Tallon and Tiff playing match

while Aunt Liz snoozed with Tess

The adults were playing cards and Tallon asked for some Hershey kissies- then I realized it got quiet.... I found him alone in the dining room.. sitting at the table.... evidently he was afraid someone might try to steal 1 of his kissies!

I was trying to get Tallon to take a picture with Uncle Robert and Aunt Tiffany....
silly boy!


The Adams: Robert | Tiffany said...

Awww. Great pics. Loved all the Christmas posts. We had such a great time visiting you guys. I need to get my Xmas pics up on the blog. Especially the ones from Fundaygo!

The Severances said...

Wow, Rebecca! It looks like you had such a beautiful time with family at Christmas. Loved all of your pictures. I am sooo looking forward to seeing you tomorrow!