Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Christmas (part 2)

We spent Christmas morning with just our family- Tallon was so excited to see if Santa came- he kept asking where Santa was ( he thought Santa would be waiting downstairs WITH the gifts!)
A new Bible book to read at nightUnfortunately, Tallon decided very quickly that he did not want his picture taken anymore so this is all I have from Christmas morning.
Santa filled Tal's stocking with fruit chews and I think this might have been Tal's favorite gift!
He also received some play food and pots and pans to go with his kitchen and a new game!

We headed over to Reeves's grandmothers home to tell her Merry Christmas and then we headed to my parents' home. My brother and his wife did not come in until the day after Christmas so we pretty much just hung out Christmas day!
Tallon received some musical instruments from Aunt Liz and Uncle Mike... BIG HIT!
Tallon was thrilled to go back to Mimi and Pop's the day after Christmas and open more gifts!!
Watch out- it's Fireman Tallon
and no Fireman would be complete without his firehose!

I love this picture of my Nana!
I guess I should have hopped in this picture too!! oh well!
Look at how big Tess is getting- She is 3 weeks old in this picture!
Papa checking out Robert's guitar for Guitar Hero
Aunt Liz
Aunt Tiffany
Uncle Robert brought his Wii down- Tallon enjoyed playing Maria cars with Aunt Tiff as well as tried bowling and tennis. He was actually pretty good at serving the tennis ball but then he would get distracted so he almost never was able to return the ball!

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