Wednesday, December 03, 2008

He Loves Her!!!

(Aron again)
Of course we all knew he would. Although I will say that on Tuesday night Tallon decided that he no longer wanted a sister. He wanted a brother. And he kept saying that Tess was NOT coming tomorrow. He was NOT going to be a big brother. I've even got a hilarious video of him saying these things that I will try to post on here sometime.

Don't let this kid fool you, though! He never had a moments hesitation in meeting his new sister. I wasn't there, but Collin went with my mom and Tal for Tal's first meeting with Tess this afternoon. And from what I was told, he ADORED her from the very beginning!

Here they are outside, ready to go in the hospital. I love the excitement on his face! He looks like such a big boy!

They meet!
Reeves asked Tal if he wanted to hold her and Tal said yes, and then proceeded to reach for her while standing there. They decided the chair might be a slightly safer option. :)

I love this one! He looks like her protector!
When Tal decided she was too heavy, Li-Li was more than happy to take over.
Smart little girl that she already is, Tess thought to bring Tal a present. He was very thankful!
And Tal gave Tess the precious doll that Rebecca made!

Sweet little itty-bitty hat!
Tal was happy to see Boom-Boom arrive!

I think seeing Rebecca in a hospital bed made Tal a little nervous. You know that's got to be a little scary for a kid. And I'm sure all of the monitors, medicine bags, and those blow-up things on her legs didn't help matters...I think he will be VERY happy to see Mommy get out of bed!
Here are some of her "Hospital bits". We honestly don't know where the child came from! Her hair is dark, and we don't really recognize her as being distinctly "Adams" or "Cannon". She's GORGEOUS, though! We definitely claim her!

Her hair is the BEST! I just can't get over it!
Tal enjoyed some painting while all of this was going on...
And he would come back every now and then wanting to hold her again.
One madly in love Momma!
Okay, so maybe I see a little bit of Rebecca's sister Elizabeth in this one? Actually, the more I'm looking at them the more I'm seeing Elizabeth. Am I right, Dr and Mrs. Adams? Does she resemble Aunt Liz?

I LOVE her tiny toes!

Dr. Shaw, Rebecca's OB. They love him!
What a beautiful family!

Her first bow!
Collin came home, and I took Mak up there to meet Tess. He was so excited! He prayed for her on the way there, and kept talking about all the things he will help her with because he is her "biggest" (this is very important to him) cousin. Sorry the picture is so bad. I was terrified that Tess would roll out of his arms and onto the floor, so I didn't worry to much about the quality of the image. :)
And then my grandmother stopped by to meet her newest great-granddaughter!
It was such a great visit, and I look forward to loving on sweet Tess again tomorrow (and the next day, and the next day....have I mentioned how happy I am that we are here for the newborn stage this time?). Please Pray for Reeves and Rebecca. They are exhausted. Rebecca was feeling nauseous when we were leaving this afternoon, but they were able to get that under control. Pray that her pain is manageable and that she will start to feel like herself again soon. Tess is still nursing great, so pray that that continues. They are having so much fun getting to know their daughter!


gillian said...

Oh my goodness I had tears in my eyes reading about Tal meeting Tess and seeing the sweet pictures of him holding her...I CAN'T WAIT for that with Owen and Layla...and then to see my favorite doctor in the entire world, who isn't mine anymore, the tears started flowing! Praying for you Rebecca, Reeves, Tallon, and Tess! She is so beautiful!

Our4GreatKids said...

I absolutely love this post... it is precious! Keeping you all in our prayers!

Kaelyn said...

The pictures captured while Tallon was meeting Tess are adorable and so good. You can tell he loves he so much and so happy for her to be here. She is beautiful and I love her hair. She has a lot and that will be so much fun. I will pray you heal quickly and get lots of rest.

Julie, Robert and Luke said...

Wow! What a wonderful, exciting, blessed moment for both Tal and Tess....and Reeves and Rebecca. I have to admit...that more than pulled on my heartstrings. What an incredible family moment captured! Love you guys!

Li Li said...

The first picture where we were walking up the sidewalk for Tal to meet Tess.....he was jumping up and down saying "I'm going to meet my baby I'm going to meet my baby. It was so sweet.

Hope said...

Great pictures! I adore the ones of Tal and Tess. That sweet, sweet look on his face!! Ahh...I can't wait for Claudia to meet her brother or sister.

You all are definitely in our prayers!!!

Jennie said...

So fun! Tal is precious and so tentative as he is checking out this new addition. I love the expressions. And Tess is just angelic laying there. Carlisle cannot stop talking about "baby Tess" who also ends up sometimes being called "baby Jude". She'll get it straight soon! She has begged to see Tess again. I promised her that the hospital visit wouldn't be the only time. She was so relieved!

Becky, Phil and Hayden said...

CONGRATULATIONS!! She is beautiful and I love the pics of her and Tal. Love you guys and we wish you the best as you adjust to being a family of 4! Praying for you!

Madison Lyle said...

These are the sweetest pictures. She is beautiful!! It was good seeing Dr. Shaw...his kids were the first kids I started babysitting for (overnighters and such) and now they are in college. They grow up so fast. I know you are going to cherish every moment with your two. And let me tell you- bows and girly things are soooo much fun!!