Sunday, November 23, 2008

A week Full of Celebrations

We have had a week full of celebrations- Tuesday, we celebrated Reeves' birthday. Tallon and I made cupcakes and we sang Happy Birthday to Daddy! Tallon enjoyed also having candles on his cupcake and he helped blow out the candles on both his and Daddy's cupcakes!! too cute!

the best part..... licking the icing off the candles!
Friday morning- Tallon had a Thanksgiving feast at school- Reeves went with him while I spent the morning getting a massage, pedicure and manicure thanks to my sweet husband!!! It was soo relaxing and now I have pretty toes and nails for whenever Tess decides to arrive!

Friday night- my parents fixed fried shrimp and we celebrated both Reeves and my birthday and then Saturday night- Reeves parents fixed hamburgers to celebrate our birthdays. Today, we had a potluck at church- so all in all- this weekend has been great- yummy food and I have not had to cook or clean up=) =)

Tallon had Awana's this afternoon and when Reeves picked him up- his teacher asked Tallon to show Reeves his turkey with what he is thankful for.....Tallon is thankful for applesauce!

and just another cute picture of my silly boy wearing his daddy's glasses


gillian said...

Happy Birthday Rebecca! You have to tell me about your prenatal massage...I had one when I was pregnant with Owen and it was TERRIBLE!

Aron said...

I love so much that he is thankful for applesauce!!! Hilarious! Happy Birthday to both of you!