Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to my Husband!
28 Years.... Wow- we are getting on up there!
I was trying to remember how many birthdays we have celebrated together.... I think this makes at least 10 (maybe 11)!

I LOVE YOU REEVES and am so thankful for your leadership in our home! You are definitely the "better half" in our relationship and I am privileged to call you my husband and best friend!
If I was eloquent with words I would write more, but you know me- definitely not a writer!

From Tallon:

"I wanna tell Daddy Happy Birthday"

How old do you think Daddy is today:
" I think 2"!

and when I asked Tallon what he wanted to get you for your birthday:
" a horse and a guitar"

what kind of cake should we make Daddy:
"chocolate cake" ( I laughed because this is Definitely not what you would have picked but your son loves you and picked what he liked!)

Hope you have a Wonderful Birthday Reeves. We are looking forward to celebrating tonight- just our family!!

(Although Tallon has informed me he wants LOTS of people to be there!)


Robert said...

Happy Birthday Reeves

gillian said...

Happy Birthday Reeves! and PLEASE!!! y'all are far from getting on up there! thanks for making me feel old! just kidding...I still feel like a teenager most days (when i'm not waddling around pregnant!)

Aron said...

Happy Birthday, Reeves!