Thursday, November 27, 2008


With Grandaddy Adams

With Nana and Papa

We had a wonderful day today- celebrated with my family over lunch, I managed to grab a nap and Reeves got to play cards while Tallon had Fun hanging out with Mimi and Pop, then, we headed to Reeves' family home and celebrated with dinner and we all enjoyed hanging out. Tallon especially enjoyed the great game of hide and seek with Boom-Boom, Makgill and Clara Beth. After spending 3 yrs in Dallas and 2 Thanksgivings without any family at all- I am especially Thankful for God for allowing us to share today with both of our families and all the support and encouragement they give us throughout the year!

Tallon ate 2 helpings of Nana's dressing and then 3 helpings of butterbeans before deciding he was finished with lunch. Nana gave him the Toys R Us catalog and he entertained himself for a LONG time in Papa's chair as he looked at all the toys!

Tallon with both of his great-granddads on my side.

We were blessed to have my mom's sister and her husband here this year.
Tallon loved playing with Uncle John and Aunt Gay.

I took several pictures while we were with my family earlier in the day, but totally neglected to take pictures with the Cannon side of our family! soo sorry!!!! so I am going to steal some off my sister-in-law's blog ( Thanks Aron!!) These are from back on Halloween with LiLi and Boom and Tal's cousins!

All 3 kids LOVE Andrew and Erin!
With LiLi!

With Na-Na ( Tallon's Great-Grandmother on Reeves side of family)

with Boom-Boom!

It was a relaxing and fun day with family! Tonight- we bought our Christmas Tree and it now has lights on it... sooo beautiful!!

only 6 more days.....


Aron said...

Wow! Y'all were busy tonight! Can't believe the tree already has lights on it!

gillian said...

sounds like y'all had a great day! and you have your christmas tree up...and with lights?!?!? you go girl! i think we're going to the tree farm on sunday to get ours...trying to stay off my big swollen feet!!! i know you're excited about wednesday!!! i'm excited for you, can't wait to see her!

gillian said...

Tallon is a good little eater! Precious picture of Tallon and his TWO great granddaddys!!! That's awesome!