Monday, November 17, 2008


16 days and counting..... we had a great weekend- busy, but fun!!
We took several pictures with Tallon on Sunday- he looked like such a little man in his vest and corduroy pants! He has really gotten into blocks lately and loves to build.... anything from garages for his cars to park in to houses. Yesterday- he built a camera... and pretended to take our picture!
Tallon and Daddy with his camera!

I love how he has his hand on my belly- He can not wait to meet Tess!!

kisses for Mommy

and hugs too!!!

I love both my men soo much!
can you see the resemblence in the above picture- Is there hope for Tess to have any "Adams" in her??? We will see soon!!


gillian said...

I LOVE the picture of you and Tallon!

Kaelyn said...

These are such great pictures!!! I also like the one with Tallon holding his hand on your sweet. You look great and I love your house too! very pretty! Can't wait to see little Tess!