Tuesday, November 25, 2008


not too much to report... did the Sams and Walmart run today and now we are covered with plenty of toilet paper, paper towels, laundry detergent and other similar items plus I picked up several freezer meals that I can pull out in the next few weeks to feed us! Tallon was a great sport thru it all- he continues to ask me every day- "what we doing today mommy?" "We go to hospicle and get Baby Tess today"!!

I am looking forward to Thanksgiving and the time spent with both our families! We will do lunch with my family and dinner with Reeves and I am hoping to maybe grab a nap that afternoon! Hey- it's hard work eating for 2=)

8 things I am Thankful for today:
1. My precious son who woke me this morning with "what we doing today mommy"? and who has been full of hugs and kisses today for mommy!
2. My husband who came home and spent some time with our son so that I could take a "cat nap" on the couch today.
3. Feeling this sweet little girl move inside my womb and knowing that God is continuing to knit her to His plan!
4. The Sunshine today!
5. God's unfailing and redeeming Love
6. A job that my husband loves!
7. Friends who encourage and walk thru life with me!
8. That I got to eat lunch with my mom today and just hang out for a little bit.


ARH said...

We will be lifting you all up on the 3rd if it doesn't happen before that! I am just continually amazed at the Fathers work! Thanks for sharing what you are thankful for. Love, Sara

gillian said...

Hope y'all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!! Enjoy these last few days...get some sleep ;)

Melanie Turner said...

That is awesome, Rebecca! I am very happy for your sweet little family. When God blesses your first born with a sibling...it's a sweet thing. Will & Cole already play together, and it brings joy to my heart. Cole adores Will...the good & not-so-good! ;) Can't wait to meet Baby Tess! Good luck! (The second section is much easier by the way.)

gillian said...

by the way...I LOVE the new blog look and I love that picture of Tallon!

The Severances said...

Great new look for your blog!