Thursday, November 08, 2007

a little change

Hi everyone- after talking with several friends who also blog and talking with Reeves- we have decided to make our blog "private"- not so that you can not keep up with us- because now that we have lived in Dallas, SC and both gone to different colleges- it feels like we have friends all OVER the US and I really enjoy being able to keep up with everyone and for them to know our family- because we all know that I am NOT great at calling, emailing, etc.... but.... I CAN BLOG! so all this to say- If you have a friend who enjoys reading our blog or if someone you know asks why they can not get to our blog- PLEASE send me their email and I will add them on. Now that we have moved to a smaller city- I just don't want to risk someone knowing all of our and Tal's info! hope it is not to difficult of a change for you guys and please leave comments- we LOVE hearing from everyone!


Claudia's Mom said...

Thanks for the invite!! I LOVE reading!

Casey said...

Thanks for the invite! WHEN I start blogging again I will also make mine private....although I'm not sure anybody read mine anyway! haha

lschrade said...

Hi there! I love catching up on your lives and seeing what you all are doing! It sounds like all is well with you all. We miss you lots, but it looks like you all have made some great new friends. Love,Laurie