Thursday, November 15, 2007

2 Toddlers

Olivia's parents went on a well-deserved vacation to San Francisco so Olivia came over and stayed at our home from Saturday thru Tues AM. It was quite an experience for these parents of "1" to juggle "2"!! Olivia is one of the most well-behaved little girls and used all her manners- Please and Thank You and she was really a delight! Tallon loved having a play mate and we enjoyed watching them chase each other around the house, read together and eat meals together!We loved having you here Olivia- you are welcome to come play... and spend the night.... anytime=)
We kept the kiddos busy- we went to see the new Boz Christmas DVD on Saturday morning thanks to our local Family Christian Store (both these kids LOVE BOZ!!), and than we went to Lilah's birthday party that evening. Talk about exhausted- these kids had played in the bounce house, ran around and eaten a LOT of cake and ice-cream! Then Sunday we had church and yes, we managed to make it to Sunday school on time- Hooray!! Monday was spent playing at the park and than a friend has us over to her house to play that afternoon and before we knew it- tues morning had arrived and Olivia's parents were picking her up!
I did not take too many pictures but we grabbed a few picures oneevening after baths! Tallon loves "Livi""( as he calls her) soooo much!

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