Thursday, November 15, 2007

It's here

Well-you may remember a recent post about going to the beach with my mom and grandparents to look for furniture for their sunroom- well.... the furniture arrived yesterday morning, so Tal and I headed over to Nana and Papa's to see the completed room! It turned out fantastic- I love what they picked out and it is very comfy- we are looking forward to many fun days in this sunroom hanging out, playing and visiting!!

I have to share one quick story- we were headed out the door this morning and Tallon asked for a lollipop- so I handed him one and he quickly asked for another- I told him he only needed 1 and he said "Papa"- he wanted one for Papa!! so he carefully carried 2 lollipops to the car, placed them in the cup holder ( He usually eats his lollipop instantly so I could not believe he was waiting to eat his!) Well, we got to Nana and Papa's and Tallon quickly pointed to the lollipops- said Papa and we headed inside- Papa was at the dump so Tallon laid his lollipop next to Papa's recliner chair. Then he enjoyed His lollipop, well-Papa was still not home when Tal finished his lollipop so he quickly decided he would eat Papa's too... oh well! Its the thought the counts right?!

"click on the picture to make it larger"- I just love Papa's face in this picture as he looks at his great grandson!! Such Love!!

Tallon with Papa

Tallon giving Papa a "high five" before we head on our way!


Tallon said...

That boy is SOOO sweet....thinking of "Papa" that way. Mr. and Mrs. Mochette, I love your new room and furniture, and I love our grandbaby even more. We are so thankful they are here!!!! Dallas is just too far away!!!!

Mimi said...

Great job getting pics of new furniture. thanks for your help picking it out

Robert and Tiffany Adams said...

The sunroom and furniture look great! I love it! Can't wait to see you all! Maybe Tal will share a lollipop with us at Christmas!