Saturday, August 25, 2007

Who does Mommy look like

People have always told me I look "just like my mother" and seriously... I take this as a HUGE compliment because my mom is a beautiful person inside and out!! I would LOVE it if i could parent as well as she did ( although some days I have no clue how she did it!!) Anyways. YES it is 2 am and yes I am on the computer- why you ask?!?! because it has been a LONG 6 days in our household- Tal has some HORRIBLE, DISGUSTING GI Bug which consists of 12 plus liquid diapers a day and a couple times of vomit so it has been a long week- we went to Dr this AM and he confirmed that... YES.... it is a bug and there is nothing we can do- it does not matter if we feed him jello or mac and cheese- he will vomit it all up and poop it all out because he has a bug- just let it run its course. I am praying that the Lord will soon heal Tallon from this dreaded illness bc it is wearing me out. We had a much better afternoon and... once again... I thought he was getting better but he just woke up at 1 am with vomit everywhere.... so Reeves cleaned T up and I cleaned carpet and bed and just as we go to get in bed ( Tal is now in ours), He throws up again. SO I am currently waiting on the washer to finish so I can put our sheets in the dryer in case T gets sick again and we need this set of sheets! All that to say- I LOVE MY LITTLE BOY and am so thankful for his health!!!!!!!

now, on to how much I evidently really do resemble my mom!


Chris & Emily said...

so sorry your little guy is so sick!! We'll be praying for immediate healing.hang in there!!

Laura said...

I'm so sorry Tal is not feeling well! I hope he feels better soon and it doesn't spread to anyone else! We miss you!

DarleyFamily said...

Tummy bugs = no fun! I am so sorry to hear your little man is not feeling very good at all. I hope you and Reeves are able to stear clear! Hope he is feeling better soon. p p & m