Thursday, August 02, 2007

Family Fun

We went to the YMCA pool last Saturday afternoon for some family swim time! Tallon has become quite the "little fish" and loves playing in the water. I had managed to "keep him away" from the water slide, but after watching 1 of his little friends- Olivia- go down several times- Tallon had to try it and the slide has been a HUGE hit. As soon as Tallon hits the water, he is already swimming towards the steps to go up and head back towards the slide again.... over...... and over again!! Normally, it is just Tal and I at the pool (because Reeves is usually at work) , but Tallon LOVED having his daddy to splash and play with!! I am so thankful Reeves is a hands on dad!!

Tallon and his daddy have soo much fun playing together!

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Julie said...

Wow! I could only dream that the YMCA in Moore had a pool like that! Very nice!