Thursday, August 02, 2007

Happy Birthday Nana

We celebrated my grandmother's "NANA" birthday last Sunday after church! It was especially special because Liz and Mike were back in town for a few days!! I am soo thankful that Nana and Papa move to Florence several years ago (back when I was in highschool!) and that I have gotten to spend time with them. I just love both of my grandparents and treasure our times together- eating, laughing, playing cards, watching them with Tallon! Tallon can say both Nana and Papa now so that makes it fun!The group after a yummy meal!

ok- I am getting really slack- I did not take any pics of Nana or of her with Tallon!!

Tallon did spend some time playing with Uncle Mike- he is sooo cool and Tallon just loves him!!

I asked Tallon to smile and this is what I got.....YIKES- maybe I should have not asked him to smile! I love that cheesy grin though!

Reeves and I went househunting Sunday afternoon / evening and Tallon spent some more time with Mimi, Pop, Liz and Mike- I caught some sweet pictures of Tal with Mimi when we went to pick him up! (the lighting is a little off- I am still learning with my camera!)

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