Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Happy Little Boy

.... and Happy Mommy and Daddy- I think the virus has finished its course! YEAH!!!!!!! Hip Hip Hooray!!! My mother-in-law was kind enough to come get Tallon yest afternoon for a few hours so I could clean and SANITIZE my home and than Reeves and I had a nice dinner out- just the 2 of us without any fussy kid!! Thanks Linda!! Short of a few times out of the house to go visit Pop and Papa and Nana, and than some short time periods in the car with Mimi while I went to an inservice for work- Tallon and I have been inside our home for a week and a half- Talk about going crazy- I think both of us are soo glad this virus is OVER. We did find some fun things to entertain us though- we spent hours- HOURS reading- Tallon would bring me one book and we would read it and than he would go get another book and so on.... and on.... and on.... it is kinda fun to see your child enjoying books but after reading the same ones over and over- it gets a little old for mommy! We also watched a Boz video that I had gotten Tal a few weeks ago- I have some friends whose child LOVES Boz and so I got a DVD to check Boz out well Tal seems to really like him and it would give me a "break" from trying to entertain Tal some! Totally recommend BOZ!! very catchy songs and great Christian principles! We have some super duper friends and family and I soo appreciate everyone's calls, words of encouragement and the finger paints and crayons that Miss. Julie left on our doorstep- THANK YOU ALL!! I do not think I would have survived without ya'll!! Here are a few pictures of us "hanging out" at home (amongst tons of watery poop and frequent vomiting!)

oh and ANOTHER huge thing that still makes me just GRIN- Tallon told Reeves " I wuv you too"- they were hanging out on the floor just playing and Reeves said "I love you" and Tallon just kept saying " I wuv you too" back to him- It was sooo sweet!!! Of c ourse- he would not repeat it once I pulled out the video camera!Tallon coloring with chalk on his little chalk board- this came in very handy Aunt Liz!

Reading Peek-A-Boo book with Daddy!
Hanging out with "Blue Bear"Tallon's first time finger painting!
I took this last night- Tallon has not really eaten anything except for popsicles, toast, jello and water. A neighbor called and had made some tortellini soup with yummy veggies from the Farmers Market and she had more than she could freeze and eat so she sent some over- well Tallon asked for it last night (not knowing what was in the container)- 3 BOWLS LATER- HE WAS A HAPPY CAMPER!! I was soo fearful that his stomach would not handle to food but it did and he woke up this morning bright and early at 5:45 asking for cheese toast and milk!! Thank you soo much for the yummy tortellini soup Dee!!!


Chris & Emily said...

so glad he's better. Hope you guys get rested up now!! exciting about the success in the big boy bed!!!!! Has he been climbing out or did you just decided to try?

Courtney said...

glad this thing finally ran its course and is OVER...we're excited to go have fun tomorrow morning...thanks again for watching O tonight. It was obvious from her smiles and, once we got home, exhaustion that you guys had a ton of fun!

Mike said...

WOW he is getting so big...I cant stand living this far away, he grows up too fast. Glad he is feeling better, miss u and love u

Mike said...

Really the post by Mike was by liz just in case u wondered

M/G said...

Glad to hear he's doing better. He's losing the baby fat and looking more grown up of course who wouldn't lose a few pounds after what he's been through. Anna loves BOZ as well and mommy does too. Great videos for little ones!! I can totally relate to the "book monster". Anna's the same way. Michael and I quiz each other as we have a few books completely memorized. Anna does too, she reads them to her babies. Too cute! :0)

Beth, Joshua & Isabella said...

He is growing up.. wow!