Thursday, August 02, 2007


I have been keeping up with a blog thru another friends blog and anyways- Suzanne made it all the way to 30 weeks and delivered her quads yesterday! and they are all doing well. You can check out her blog here.


Amy said...

DFW is one big blog-reading circle! I found your blog off Oliver's mom's blog, which I found of Tara and Bailey's blog, which I found off a friend in Arkansas's blog. Anyway, I, too, am addicted to the Life of Suz blog! A friend found it through a friend she works with... How weird and random. We should have a party and just post invites on blogs to see how many people figure it out. Have a good day!

DarleyFamily said...

Amazing! They are just precious. I am soooo impressed she made it to 30 weeks. I only had 2 and just barely made 32 weeks. The Goforth's were at 28 weeks with 2. God is good and all our kids are happy and healthy. Thanks for sharing such an amazing piece of God's work. m