Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Tallon and I went over to Nana's house yesterday morning. Papa and Poppa were at the lake for the day so we thought Bama (Nana and Papa's dog) needed some entertainment!! Tallon is Nana and Papa's first great grandchild- so they think he is very special- he seems to feel the same way about them- he LOVES to go over to their house! I am so thankful they are in Florence near us now and we don't have to travel to Alabama to see them! We had a wonderful morning. Nana went with us to the mall and we finished up some Christmas shopping and then we came back and played and played and played with Bama. Tallon LOVES animals and Bama enjoys having someone throw the ball to him! He is very good with Tallon and even lets Tal get close without snipping at him! Nana fixed us some delicious homemade turkey soup- YUMMY!! Thanks for a fun morning! We love you Nana! Tallon did not seem to want to stay still for a picture with Nana- as soon as we set him down- he was OFF into the yard looking for Bama and the ball!
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Laura said...

These pics are great! Tallon looks like he's having so much fun. And, I LOVE the outfit! I am so glad you are still dressing him in such cute outfits...even after the 12 month mark! : )