Wednesday, December 27, 2006

A Look Back

Christmas 2005
3 months

This year has flown by! When I look back over it- I can not help but smile and Thank the Lord for the precious time and memories He has given us with Tallon. All too often, I am reminded that yes, he is my son, but life is but a vapor and the Lord knows his days! I am so thankful for the year God has given us with Tal and pray for many more, but more importantly that we will raise Tallon to fear the Lord and that he will come to know the Lord one day! Hope you enjoy these pictures as much as I did as I looked back on Tallon's 1st Christmas in 2005- he was only 3 months old!
Christmas 2006
15 months

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M/G said...

My goodness... how quickly time goes. What a great idea to put a picture from last year and this year on your blog to compare. He was a sweet baby and is now a sweet toddler!!