Saturday, December 16, 2006

Playing at the Park

The weather here has been warm and sunny this past week so we made it to the park several mornings in a row. Tallon really enjoys the outdoors and so this has been a safe place for me to take him to let him explore and play. Friday morning, we met Tal's cousins- Makgill and Clara-Beth and his new friend Grant at the park. It was soo refreshing to hang out and visit with the other moms and watch the boys interact! Tallon absolute adores his cousin Makgill!

Makgill helping Tallon drive the truck!

Tallon and Clara-Beth in the swing with Makgill pushing them!!Makgill going down the big boy slide! Very FAST!

OOPS- it looks like someone lost a shoe... again!! Does anybody else's child not like to wear shoes??!

Last night, we joined Clara-Beth and Makgill to see Santa. Tallon SCREAMED- oh well!! Maybe next year!! I still cannot believe Christmas is almost here. We are looking forward to getting to share the holidays with our families this year and not have to travel!!

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melissa said...

Hey Girl. Merry christmas. You're little boy is so big! Tell me what you're doing. Merry Christmas.