Wednesday, December 06, 2006

snowman and laughter

Tallon was in his snowman pj's the other night and I decided to try to see if i could get some good pictures of him in front of the tree. Pictures are EXTREMELY DIFFICULT now thanks to the fact that Tallon hardly every sits still and he loves to run.... away from me and the camera. Thankfully, Reeves was home and we turned it into a game of Daddy holding the kid and carrying Tallon laughing across the den, plopping him down in front of the tree and me quickly snapping the picture!!!! we actually got some great pictures of Tal laughing and I love the twinkle in his eyes!! It is soo crazy that this time last yr - Tal could hardly hold his head up!!! Posted by Picasa

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caden jon said...

Ah, Tal!! you are so cute!!! Great pictures in front of the tree!