Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Tallon on Ski's

I have soo many pictures of Tallon skiing that it was hard to pick which ones to put on the blog so I tried to capture the full effect of the hour of skiing Tallon did Friday morning. He got to ski with my dad, brother and Reeves which he LOVED. He still is asking me to "go skiing"! (not sure we will find any snow in SC!) We have LOTS of fun video so hopefully I can get some of it on here!

Getting ready to head to the bunny slope

Tallon with Mimi
a BIG thanks fo my mom for getting Tallon all bundled up,
to the slopes and his ski's on him while I ski'd that morning!with Mimi and Pop

Here they come...

Mom, Tiff and I watching Tallon ski with Pop
It was snowing like crazy!

Tallon and Daddy getting ready to head up the Magic Carpet

Reeves and I... all bundled up

Mike, Liz, Tiffany and Robert

I LOVE Tal's face in this pic ( click on it to enlarge the picture)
He absolutely LOVED skiing with Pop

Tallon and Pop skiing down the bunny slope
Tallon LOVED it- He immediately requested to "go again" as soon as he got to the bottom.
so, they headed up again on the Magic Carpet

Tallon skiing with Daddy

click on the photo and it will enlarge and you can see Tallon's ecstatic face!

Group Photo in the Snow

Oops- look who fell down!

Getting ready to get on the ski lift with Daddy, Pop and Uncle Rob

Up they go... (Tallon is in Reeves' lap)

Look just below the fog and you will see a building. The ski lift ends close to it and that is where Tal started coming down the mountain

Skiing with Pop down the "big slope"

Tallon LOVED skiing! A BIG Thanks to Pop and Mimi for taking us to Montana
and also for helping watch Tal while Reeves and I got to ski.
Also- Thanks Pop and Uncle Rob for helping Tallon ski!!


Michelle said...

Looks like a lot of fun! That is neat that Tallon got to ski. What a big boy!

Julie, Robert and Luke said...

It looks like you all had such a great time! But, we are glad you are back. I bet Tal is going to be a great skier.

Aron said...

I LOVE these! Oh, I would have loved to see him there!

Li Li said...

I love these pics!!! Pretty soon Tal will be one of those little kids who used to swoop past me on the ski slope. Oh, well, I haven't skied in years so I won't give him a chance to show up his LiLi

Claudia's Mom said...

Rebecca that is awesome ya'll have him on skies this young. Looks like he LOVED it! My brother and I learned around age 3 and it was perfect. Your pictures bring back memories of skiing with daddy. Glad you all enjoyed your trip!