Monday, March 17, 2008


Aron and Collin have a Easter Egg hunt every year at their home and I was soo thrilled that Tallon would be "old enough" to get the concept of hunting for eggs and putting them in his basket. We hda practiced hunting for eggs last week in Montana. So Sunday afternoon, we woke him up from his nap and told him we were going on an Easter Egg Hunt. He grabbed his Easter basket and went around joyfully shouting-"FIND EGGS, FIND EGGS". We enjoyed being with lots of our friends from our small group and the kids had a BLAST. Thanks for throwing such a FUN Easter Egg Hunt Collin, Aron , Makgill and Clara Beth. Tallon came home with a basket full of Easter Eggs.

I did not even get CLOSE to capturing a picture of everyone there- just grabbed a few shots before enjoying just hanging out with friends.

Jessica with Parson and Lilah.... waiting on the hunt to begin
Clara Beth and her basket
Makgill was EVERYWHERE.... He is sooo FAST.

Jeremy and Courtney cheering Olivia on....
Look who found 2 eggs.....
Sweet Bella....I think Luke enjoyed hunting for eggs as much as Tallon did. These 2 boys were running all OVER the yard.


Aron said...

Thanks so much for coming! We had a great time with y'all!

Claudia's Mom said...

Oh it looks like fun!!! These are the things we definitely miss!! Glad ya'll had a great time!

Casey said...

Where did Makgill and Clara Beth get those adorable personalized baskets? Do they use them every year?