Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy St. Patrick's Day

I have lived in Florence since I was 3 yrs old (except for the 4 yrs I was in college and the 3 yrs we were in Dallas. I had never heard of a St Patrick's Day Parade here, but this morning as I was leaving MMO, a friend told me about a family that has a parade every year and the parade was complete with Firetruck and Police car escorts. So, I managed to get Tal down for an early nap, called a few friends and headed out to the home of the parade this afternoon. Dressed in Green and with Tallon's cute hat that he made at MMOI have lived in Florence since I was 3 yrs old ( except for the 3 yr stint we lived in Dallas and the 4 yrs I spent in Clemson). Who knew Florence had a St Patrick's Day Parade?!??? Well, this morning as I was picking Tal up from MMO, a friend from church told me about a family that this AM. Jessica came with Lilah and Parson to watch the parade, LiLi came, and Makgill, Clara Beth and Aron and I participated in the parade. It was soo much FUN- The kids enjoyed seeing the firetruck and police car and they even had green cupcakes with green sprinkles for the kids to eat after the parade. I think this might become a tradition...

Me with Clara Beth and TI managed to get a shot of Makgill despite his attempts for me to NOT take his picture!

Aron, Linda and Clara Beth
the boys did NOT want their picture taken!Tallon wants to be BIG like Makgill sooo much! ( This was Tallon's attempt at climbing the tree after seeing Mak climb it)

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