Thursday, September 03, 2009

It's football season!

I have never been football crazy but for those of you who know my husband.... you know that our house gets extremely excited about football season..... I have been listening to the practice reviews every evening.... gamecock central has been on and Reeves is all pumped up about the Gamecocks!

I grew up Alabama CRIMSON TIDE thru and thru so that is where my main loyalty lies.... and yes, I do have a degree from Clemson which I am quite proud of.... so I am also a Tiger ( but not quite as much a Tiger- Alabama ranks #1.

I married a HUGE Gamecock fan..... so what does that make our children......

I LOVE these shots of Reeves with Tess and could not decide which one
I liked better so I am putting them both

Don't worry-- I did not wear a Carolina shirt or Carolina colors! I am not quite there yet.... but I do LOVE my husband! He works hard and is a great dad and father so I figured I would make him happy and actually allow my daughter to wear the gamecock cheerleader uniform ( plus she really did look CUTE in it!!). I lost the battle with Tallon a long time ago- He is his Daddy's boy- Go GAMECOCKS Go!


gillian said...

She is so stinkin cute in that cheerleader outfit!!! I love Tallons expression/stance in the first picture and the second one, Tess expression is so cute!!!

amyop said...

too cute! Little Gamecocks are the best!

Justin and Jennie said...

Those are some cute pictures though.