Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Tallon turned 4- FOUR- years old Sept 15..... I wanted to do a 4 yr post but kept thinking that if i did than it would be true- he would really be 4 so I have put it off and put it off and put it off and here we are--- in November! so I am going to take the plunge and finally admit that I have a 4 yr old!

We kept things simpler this year and just did a small party ( family and close friends). We had it in my parents backyard and went swimming.... it was a huge success and I think we will be keeping parties this way from now on!

A few FUN Facts about my firstborn child

1- He LOVE Life and everything to do with outdoors!

2- He is our "early bird"- often waking before 6- coming to our room and informing us that he is "starving" and needs breakfast NOW!

3. Just call him "Mr. Social"- he wants to know what is planned for each day and likes to have lots on the agenda- he is not a fan of simply staying at home all day

4. He is CRAZY about his Dad.... and the Gamecocks

5. Has recently become extremely affectionate with Mommy ( and I could not be HAPPIER!)
6. Definitely a protective Big Brother

A few firsts:
- Rides a bike without training wheels
- Swimming without any floaties
- playing on a team sport- soccer
- memorized his first verse " Genesis 1: 1: 1 ( As Tallon says) "In the beginning God created the Heavens and the earth"
- started 3K this year and seems to be enjoying school

I am sure there is more but just wanted to document while I still can remember......

We love you big boy and are super proud of you!
Momma and Daddy


Aron said...

I love you so much, Tallon!! And Yay for a new post...FINALLY. ;) I still can't believe that baby boy is FOUR!!!

Erin and Andrew said...

Tallon, we love you so much! You are such a blessing and you always make us smile!