Thursday, September 03, 2009

August Update

I am working on trying to be better at blogging.... we will see how it goes! August was a busy month for us. we had lots of firsts- especially for Tallon- who can now ride a bike without training wheels and can pump his legs and swing way up high all by himself!

One extremely Happy Day......
Tallon learned how to pump

and this momma was THRILLED! now I am just pushing 1 little child in the swing everyday!
although Tal helps push Tess on occasion-

Tallon tells me practically everyday that he "has to go to work" and outside he heads to work!
He is quite the adventurer

and a little silly

but he can be soo sweet and thoughtful

He picked this flower and brought inside "for you mommy" 1 morning!

He also keeps us entertained with his wild imagination and hilarious antics...

I bought him a belt "Just like daddy's!
He has worn shorts with belt loops everyday since first receiving the belt!

Tess now claps for herself when she thinks she has done something work being clapped for!

mommy and tess before our walk one day!

notice: Tallon is also ready for his upcoming soccer team ( he just LOVES the shin guards we bought him and has been wearing them daily as he "works" in the yard!

sweet baby girl is EVERYWHERE.... literally.....
crawling all over the house

We all love swimming

and if you are wondering what I have been up too.....
besides starting a new job at the Hospice House here, I have started couponing and have managed to get our weekly grocery budget a lot lower than it was before....
Here is a picture of Tal with several of my "deals" one particular week

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gillian said...

Tallon is becoming a 'big' boy, learning how to pump and ride a bike without training wheels, Owen still won't take his off!
I love the picture of Tess clapping, she is so pretty!!!