Wednesday, September 02, 2009

9 Months

I can not believe that today my baby girl is turning 9 months old!
What a fast 9 months they have been.
Tessa Nell is tipping the 20 lb marker on the scale and I just love her many rolls and her chubby little cheeks! She continues to be a happy baby and she is definitely going to be my little chatter-bug.
She does not miss a beat-watching big brother run from 1 direction to the next and when she is down on the ground, she often tries to chase him-crawling as fast as she can!
She seems so much more expressive than I remember Tallon being- I love hearing her "ohhh, ahhs" and other little noices that come in a variety of pitches!She loves music and will light up when you sing to her- among her favorites- "Jesus Loves Me" ,the "itsy, bitsy spider" and"if your Happy and you know it, clap your hands"!
Tess still does not have teeth, although you often cannot tell as she likes to keep her lips puckered in! I have heard that the later a baby's teeth come in than the healthier and fewer cavities she will later on.... hmmm... guess we will find out if its true or not. I am hoping for teeth soon bc she literally goes crazy trying to reach whatever food I have on my plate or in my spoon and would much prefer it to her soft, mushy
baby food!

She is sleeping regularly now- still has her dream feed at 10 but than wakes sometime between 6 and 7. Takes 2 naps a day. I love that I can just lay her down in her crib with her paci and blankie and she puts herself to sleep! What a blessing- especially since her big bro still has a hard getting himself to sleep without Reeves or me there!

Speaking of siblings..... Tess still adores Tallon- he can have her giggling like no one else and she looks for him if he is not in the same room as her. It will be interesting to see how she transitions with Tallon starting 3k next week. He will be gone 5 mornings a week from 7:40 until 10:30.
Mommy thinks she is going to miss the entertainment Tal provides for Tess during those
times=) I am enjoying these days at home with both my kids but especially Tess as she often crawls straight to my legs and pulls up, grinning and just holding out her hands for me to hug and love on her! She is already trying to stand up on her own so I am sure that walking will be coming shortly!
Our lives changed on Dec 3rd, 2008 with the birth of Tessa Nell Cannon and I could not be more grateful to the Lord for the 9 precious months He has given us with her... I pray for many more.....We love you baby girl!


Erin and Andrew said...

Great post Rebecca! The pictures are beautiful! I love the one of her standing with your legs behind her. Her rolls are SO adorable!! Love you Sweet Tess!

Aron said...

We love you, Sweet, Chubby Tess! You are Beautiful and SO much Fun! Happy 9 months!

gillian said...

i'm so jealous of her sleeping!!! Layla is KILLING me with the every 2-3 hours! I tried the crying thing one night like you suggested...she didn't give up!

the picture of Tess smiling with the paci is sooo cute!