Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A Thankful Mommy

Tallon started Awana Cubbies this past week at church. I was not sure how he would do with memorizing Scripture, but he learned his verse - God loves us and Sent His Son relatively easily.
We usually ask Tallon what he wants to Thank God for before nap time and bedtime so he often lists different people or items ( like his jeep) and we will Thank God for them.

We sat down for dinner tonight and prayed- often- Tallon will interject in and help Reeves finish the prayer ( usually just Thank you for this food). Tonight- Tallon interjected just as Reeves said "Thank you for this food" and Tallon kept on saying.... "Thank you God loves us and Sent His Son."

How sweet to hear Truth come out of my son's mouth!

May Tallon come to Know you, Love you and Serve You with all his heart, soul and mind. Give us Wisdom as we seek to parent him in a way that Glorifies your name!

Many of you know that this has been a difficult few weeks for us with Tallon and discipline and just learning how to deal with his strong- will. I am soo Thankful God gave me a glimpse of Tallon's heart to encourage me to not lose faith. He is at work- even in a young child of only 3 yrs.


Chrys and Mike said...

so, so sweet. precious boy and precious momma.

o started "awana bees" a few weeks ago but he gets to move up to cubbies after he turns three in oct. i'm excited! he calls it "iguanas" and i think it's too cute to correct him.


gillian said...

It is an awesome feeling knowing your children are hiding His word in their hearts!

Aron said...

Oh, that sweet boy! I love seeing their precious relationships with Christ develop! It is so sweet and pure. We pray for Tallon daily!

DarleyFamily said...

What a blessing! What a wonderful glimpse into God's work in your son:) We too have been having a ROUGH time with discipline/training/teaching her too. It can get you down so easily. Praying for more glimpses of this into your day. m