Sunday, September 21, 2008


Tallon comes from quite a heritage.... My parents both graduated from Alabama and I spent several years traveling to Tuscaloosca and cheering on Alabama, Reeves' parents both graduated from USC, I graduated from Clemson University ( Go Tigers!) and well.... you all know who Reeves cheers for with his entire heart- GAMECOCKS!! Soo... needless to say..... Tallon can be heard saying " Roll Tide Roll, GO GAMECOCKS and GO TIGERS!! Poor Boy- such confusion. I have no doubt that in the end.... Daddy will win and his son will be all Gamecocks!!

Tallon received a birthday package in the mail earlier this week from Uncle Robert and Aunt Tiffany- and 1 of the gifts was a nice Alabama shirt!! THANKS SOO MUCH!!!!
On Thursday- Tallon and I headed over to Pop's to hang out and have lunch so of course.... I had to put Tallon in his Alabama shirt!!! Tal even asked to wear 1 of Pop's hats so I had to grab a picture!!
We had spent some of Tal's birthday money on some cowboy boots and hat so we had to show Pop a preview of Tal's halloween outfit. ( We are going as Woody from Toy Story!)

giving a thumbs-up with Pop- Thanks for a FUN morning and lunch Pop!! we love you!


Aron said...

LOVE the boots and hat!

jill said...

So fun that Tal is going to be Woody for halloween! Andrea will be Deedee Doodle. I forgot that you had a C-sect with Tallon, are you going to try a VBAC? I did not... I was scared! I was in a lot of pain my 3rd trimester, it felt like someone was stabbing me every time I walked! Hope your pregnancy is still going well! Talk to you soon!

Erin and Andrew said...

Tallon, I love your cowboy boots and hat!!! I'm actually a little jealous.:) Love you Tal!