Saturday, September 20, 2008


3 years old
September 15, 2008

Family Birthday Party- Sept 14, 2008

A BIG thanks to Mimi for decorating the cake....
Tallon loved showing his cake to everyone as they arrived-
I LOVE Mak's expression in the below pic! Tallon LOVES his cousins!
Tallon showing Nana ( great grandmother) his cake!PAPA- you have to wait until after we sing Happy Birthday for some cake=)

Tallon showing Boom Boom his cake
He adores his grandaddy ( and I am pretty sure the feeling is mutual=)
Tallon got a LOT of FUN presents from our family-

Tal's Big gift....
Aunt Erin and Clara Beth
Great Grandaddy Adams
Nana ( Great Grandmother)
Tallon with Mimi and POP
Tallon loves LiLi- she and Boom Boom gave Tal an AWESOME craft table- we have already gotten soo much use out of it=) Thanks~
Tallon showing off his guitar skills to Boom Boom!

I think I will have another taste.....
Somehow I missed getting pics of Uncle Collin, Aunt Aron, and Uncle Andrew but Collin was taking pictures for me so I will post those as soon as I get them
(I am sure they will be MUCH better- can I say how nice it is to have such a great photographer in the family)
Thanks for coming everyone and for the nice gifts!!
We love ya'll!

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Aron said...

LOVE that video! That kid is HILARIOUS!!!