Saturday, September 20, 2008

A stroll down memory lane.....

Wow- has it really been 3 yrs since our baby boy arrived!? September 15, 2005 at 8: 05 AM- Tallon Reeves Cannon finally arrived!! It brings back soo many memories- I woke up on Sept 14 about 4:30 AM with some discomfort and pretty much spent the rest of the day "pacing". Other thoughts from that day.....
- how extremely HOT it was in Dallas, TX
-how I managed to let the gas light come on on the way home from Bible study the night before I started contracting and we thought we had enough gas to get home from the Dr's office..... ummm... definitenly did not make it- we spent approx 1 1/2 hrs on TOP of the high five interstate system in 108 degree weather IN the middle of rush hour trafic- I still remember Reeves ( being completely dead- serious) telling me that he wanted me to stay IN the car while we waiting on someone to bring us some gas. Obviously- he has NEVER been in labor!!! I vividly remember looking up and seeing a helicopter over us and hearing Reeves say that they say they "see" where we are stopped. I was soo afraid I would be on the 6 o'clock news while walking back and forth the lenth of the Saturn during contractions!
- how I labored for over 12 hrs before my water finally broke and than going in to the hospital that evening to find out I still had not dilated at all!!!!
- the constant stream of the nurses and Dr in and out of my room all night as Tallon's HR decelerated everytime they attempted the pitocin. I reached a 5 at Midnight and at 6:30 the next morning- still a "5"- Dr Harris suggested a section. By then- I just was ready to see and hold my baby boy!

God is good and has been so faithful to us these past 3 yrs and we are so thankful for you Tallon!

Your daddy had great plans for his son from the start- he was soo ready for you to be able to play ball with him=)


Aron said...

Oh, that sweet baby! I can NOT believe that this child is already THREE! We love you so much Tallon! You are such a fun little boy!

And that labor story is the BEST. EVER. Hands down! I love it, and hope that the next one is not nearly as eventful!

Chrys and Mike said...

i never knew the story about running out of gasoline!!!!!!!!! it's hilarious now! i'm sorry i'm laughing, so not funny at the time, i know!