Sunday, September 30, 2007


(sorry the picture is blurry!1)
Josie Ellen arrived Fri Morning before noon! We are soo excited for our friends Stacey, Lia and Big Sis Abby! Rebecca and Steve joined us for dinner Fri night so we headed over to say Hello to the proud parents!! Unfortunately, Josie dropped her blood sugar so she had to spend some time in the NICU but we are praying she will be home soon!!! Although we have not gotten to see Josie yet, Collin and Aron were able to go see her and the family and took some amazing pictures of this beautiful baby girl! Check them out at their blog!
Tallon has really gotten attached to Mr Steve!! He totally enjoyed hanging out in his arms while at the hospital and playing with him at our home Fri evening! We are so excited because Mrs. Rebecca is having a little girl in December and she is going to come play with us 2 days a week for a few months while her mommy finishes up the school year!!

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