Thursday, September 27, 2007

Digging in the Dirt

Tallon's 2 yr birthday fell on a Saturday this year so we were able to celebrate on his real birthday- it is crazy to think that 2 yrs ago he was only 6 lbs, 15 oz and we were in the hospital!!!

We celebrated by having our small group and their kiddos over for a "digging in the dirt" birthday party in my parents back yard. The weather turned out to be perfect and it was soo fun having our friends there- everyone was really generous and Tallon received some AWESOME big boy toys- mainly TRUCKS, TRUCKS, TRUCKS! He is constantly rolling them around the house or out in the sandbox- he is definitely ALL BOY!! As per my mom's tradition of always making my birthday cake- I made Tallon's dump truck cake and was quite pleased with how it turned out.Tallon helped prepare for the festivities by helping daddy mow the backyard ( can you believe he FELL asleep in Reeves' arms?!?! Guess he knew he had a busy afternoon coming up!
The finished cake!!
Everything is set up and Ready for the partiers to arrive! We missed Tal's Aunt Liz and Uncle Mike and Aunt Tiff and Uncle Rob but were thankful that the rest of both sides of the family made the party!

I decided to attach balloons to the sand buckets ( our party favor) for the kids... only problem was that it was windy and we had a hard time getting the balloons and buckets untangled- oops- it was a cute decoration for a few minutes though=)
Mimi and Tallon checking out the cake!
One more picture of the cake with the dirt cupcakes at the top!
Tallon LOVED his gift from Lili and Boom- Boom- THANK YOU!!
Tallon also LOVED his gift from Mimi and Pop- 2 new riding toys- oh the fun we have had racing down the street and around the yard in these vehicles!!
Tallon's great- grandaddy and Pop
Makgill and Parson playing hard!The WHOLE CREW- thanks for coming everyone and helping us celebrate Tal's birthday!
The kids loved chasing Oscar around the yard!
Mimi and Nana

Susan, Isabella, Jessica and Kristen
ok- so I did not take very many pictures because my sister in law was SUPER kind and volunteered to Capture the party for me and she did an AWESOME job- unfortunately my computer skills are lacking so I can not get the slideshow up on my blog but check out her blog to see more FUN pictures!!


The Bakers said...

Looks like a fun party! Great job on the cake. You are very talented! I would like to make Kaelyns cakes too.

Collin, Aron, Makgill, and Clara Beth said...

The party was SO MUCH FUN, Rebecca! You did a GREAT job with EVERYTHING! I can't believe that my sweet nephew is now a 2 year old Big Boy. Time Flies! Love y'all!

Julie, Robert and Luke said...

Tal's party was a blast. You did a fantastic job with that cake. Good mommy! I can't believe our boys are two already!

Michael & Meaghan said...

Cute party! The cake is fabulous! Looks like everyone had fun digging.

M/G said...

Great job on the cake! What talent!! :0)

Chrys and Mike said...

CUTE cake! Good job, Momma!

And what a fun party!

I can't believe our boys are turning two.

Tal, I'm so glad you had such a special day! You are loved!


caden jon said...

Happy belated B-day, Tal!!! You are too cute! We love keeping up with yall through your blog! Rebecca, what a CUTE CUTE theme for a little boy's summer b-day party! I love it! So creative!!! We miss you guys! It looks like you have so many cool friends and oh- congratulations on your new house- wow! We're so happy for you! Looks like things are going great!!