Thursday, September 13, 2007


Reeves and my parents ALL LOVE COLLEGE FOOTBALL! I enjoy watching it some but I don't really HAVE to watch it which is good... because someone has to keep up with Tallon!! =) We had not seen my parents in a few days and they were missing Tallon so we headed down to the lake late Friday night and spent Saturday hanging out, going on a walk, washing the car, and... watching football!! Reeves was very stressed watching the Gamecocks but they pulled thru and we had a NICE, CALM car ride home late Sat night (or early Sun morning as we did not get home til after midnight)!Our little family washing the car

Tallon loved helping Mimi grill out!

Many of you have witnessed Reeves during USC football games- he gets very tense, is focused on the game and usually does not eat during the games- he just LOVES USC! Most of you also have seen plenty of my blogs about blue bear which is Tallon's friend but Reeves held on tightly to blue bear throughout the USC game and my parents and I got so tickled watching him!! Looks like blue bear might have a new friend!

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