Sunday, September 30, 2007

Gamecocks, Elephants, Dawgs ( as CB calls them) and Cousins

We started off our Saturday bright and early by heading to Columbia with Reeves' family (minus Aunt Erin- we missed you!)! Reeves Mom had prepared a yummy brunch so we enjoyed tailgating before the game- except for the part of continuously having to chase our DARTING son- this kid is FAST!!! Then the Men headed into the game and the kiddos, LiLi, Aron and I headed to the Zoo- I think every other mom whose husband went to the game had the EXACT same idea- the zoo was very busy! The kids had a blast and Tallon seemed to enjoy seeing each of the animals although I think his FAVORITE part of the zoo was the carousal ride ( THANKS LiLi!!)

Can you see Tal's hands peeking out from behind the stroller-
he LOVED helping LiLi push the stroller!!

Clara Beth calls all animals " Dawgs" right now!! It was especially funny as we were watching the big Brown BEAR and Clara Beth was shouting DAWGS!!!
such a sweet girl!!

yummy snowcones! Grape for Tal and Mango for the Smith kids!

We ended the day with some extremely dirty kids so we let them have a "cousins bath"!! Boy- did these kids have fun- splashing, giggling and playing in the water! It was definitely a nice way to end the day and also get some clean kids!!!

I absolutely Love Magkill's face in this picture- playing peek-a-boo with Tal.
Check out Tal's hair!

Tallon is in a HUMONGOUS Daddy phase right now- He loves him sooo much!


Collin, Aron, Makgill, and Clara Beth said...

We had fun, too! You forgot to mention that my darling daughter had Tallon calling all of the animals "dawgs" too. And he KNOWS his animals!!! She's a convincing little booger...

DarleyFamily said...

I guess since he is such a daddy's boy I will excuse the outfit...just this once! I am hoping to see a different one come October 20th:) Such a fun day at the zoo! looks like the kids had a blast. m