Sunday, May 13, 2007


We spent last weekend at the lake with my parents! Both Reeves and I got to drive my dad's new boat and it is sooo nice ( and very quiet compared to the other boat)!! Tallon actually WORE his lifevest and seemed to take in the boat and the water. Dad, Reeves, Tal and I took a nice boat ride to Goat Island and Tallon enjoyed poiting at the birds and other boats!! Reeves also went skiing- here I am in jeans and sweatshirt and my husband is in the lake skiing!! He got up on the first try and did AWESOME- GO REEVES! we are looking forward to spending lots more time at the lake and on the boat!!

Lifevest- check
paci- check
daddy- check
ok- we are all ready to get on the boat!

Reeves getting ready to jump in the water to ski!

Reeves skiing!

Papa fishing

Tal helping Poppa drive the boat!

Tal helping Daddy drive the boat! He LOVES HIS DADDY!!


Chrys and Mike said...

The pacifier with the life jacket made me laugh!


The Bakers said...

Tallon you are so cute in your life jacket! I bet some day you will be able to ski!!!!