Sunday, May 13, 2007

Ice Cream

Tallon loves ice-cream- it does not matter what flavor it is- he will like the bowl clean- LITERALLY!!

I keep thinking that each stage is better than the last, but we are REALLY enjoying Tallon right now- he is absolutely hilarious and it is so fun watching him explore and figure things out on his own. I have a little foot pedicure spa and so last night I gave myself a spa treatment and Tallon enjoyed splashing in the water and watching the foot massager work- well, we left it unplugged outside in the hallway last night. This morning, Tallon and Reeves were up and Reeves heard the spa foot massager- he went to check on Tallon and Tallon had plugged in the machine (all by himself) and managed to get it working- he was just GRINNING!!!!!!!! Our little boy is soo smart- he definitely keeps us on our toes!


M/G said...

Sounds like Tal likes ice cream just as much as Anna. She asked for it for breakfast this morning.
:-) We'll have to try licking the bowl clean next time. That should make a good movie. :0)

Chris & Emily said...

way to cute!!! He is turning into such a little boy!!!