Thursday, May 17, 2007


I had a very productive afternoon Wednesday, while Tallon napped!!
I have been trying to come up with something fun and unique to give to the multiple highschool graduates that we know!! So, during Tal's mothers morning out - I strolled thru Hobby Lobby- it was soo nice- no little fingers poking thru and trying to touch everything, no child crying and trying to get mommy to pick him up out of the shopping cart- AHH- peace!! =) I found these wooden picture frames and 3 of the graduating senior girls are going to USC so I picked up some little painted footballs, the letters
U, S, C, and some red and black paint!! See what you think- I am very pleased with how these turned out!!

Just as I was finishing up the 3rd frame- I heard Tallon in his room- I got so tickled when I walked into his room and saw his hair- WILD MAN had a GREAT NAP!

Poor little guy- his skin is starting to look much better- thanks to all the meds the dermatologist prescribed, but he still itches some!! He quickly calmed down when he saw me and was more than happy to sit and hug and give "Blue Bear" ( I know, I know- we come up with such original names for his stuffed animals!) kisses=)



Michelle said...

I think your frames are great! The grads will love them! Isn't it relaxing to be able to sit down and do something creative?

The pics of Tal hugging blue bear is so sweet - and I love the hair :)!

Michael & Meaghan said...

The frames turned out GREAT. They are going to be thrilled to get them.

Laura said...

Great idea and they turned out so cute! I totally understand the joys of going to a store without a little one. I LOVE Eli, but the grocery store can be a nightmare sometimes! : )

Elizabeth said...

Becca I think the frames turned out so great. They look like you could have just bought them from a store

Julie Hatchell LeMaster said...

Love the frames...even if they are for USC. You are so creative.

Sabrina said...

i can't believe you actually made USC frames... becca, that is just so sad. very cute idea but they'd look so much better in orange and white!! ;)